My husband and I have enjoyed dinner at least once a week at Pie In The Sky Pizza for 15 years. Best pizza in town. Meatball sub is the best I have ever had. On Tuesday they have homemade lasagne. Got to try that one! The staff is like family. Always a smile and great service. Blake usually makes my pizza, and it’s perfect every time.

-Michelle W.

Pie In The Sky Pizza holds a special place in my heart that is full of childhood memories! If you are looking for a hometown pizza diner with some amazing food, then this is your place! I have been going to this pizza place for about 25 years, and it has definitely been around for longer than that!

– A. Hambright

We love Pie In The Sky Pizza! Very friendly staff and excellent service! The pizza is delicious and my favorite. We have enjoyed Pie In The Sky Pizza for nearly 30 years and hope for another 30!

– Amy B.

I have been eating at Pie In The Sky Pizza for over 30 years. This place never disappoints, and I consider it the best pizza. This is hands-down the best pizza. They also have great subs and salads.

– A. Brawley

Not a five star restaurant, but I give it five stars because of the quality of food and service. They make you feel welcome from the first time you walk in, and if you stay around a while, they make you feel like part of their family. The food isn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it sure is close to it! Not in the mood for pizza? Have a sandwich! On a diet? Have a salad! Don’t believe me? Try one of their lasagnas on Tuesday and tell me you don’t love it!

– Christopher S.

Family-owned business with friendly workers who know you by name. Not many places like this still around.

– Jim W.

Had it since I was in elementary school. Still the best pizza. Ever!! This is Mooresville!!

– Michael S.

I’m from Long Island, New York, and this place has the best pizza in North Carolina. I’m picky with my pizza, and this place is the best.

– Kristy R.

Love Pie In The Sky Pizza. Always stop in when we are visiting from Ohio. Old-fashioned atmosphere and excellent pizza.

– T. Benz

Love the thin crust pizza and the submarine hot! Great downtown business and local delivery.

– K. Saragoni

Pizza is great. The lasagna is delicious. The meatball sub is my favorite. Just a joy to be here.

– J. Eggert

We’ve been going to Pie In The Sky Pizza for many years. Tim and his family are super. The food is excellent. When we take somebody new there, they fall in love with it. Thank you, Tim, for giving us the experience of real pizza.

– R. Schaeffer

Wonderful pizza. I love the crusts and the friendly service! Thumbs up on the new buffalo chicken pizza!

– Denise T.

Always friendly. Always great pizza. A friend turned me on to “hot sausage, bacon, & onion” It’s become an almost weekly thing. This is real the Mooresville; friends, neighbors, family. What else can I say?

– Tim C.

I have been going to Pie In The Sky Pizza since . . . well, ever since I can remember. You simply cannot find a better pizza in my opinion. The staff is amazing. It’s got that small town, one-of-a-king feel because it is one-of-a-kind!

– Michael C.

Best pizza ever!!!! I have been going here for 12 years and they always have the same quality and flavor!

– Tracie A.

We think Pie In The Sky Pizza is the best! Great pie, great people, and that small town feel! Been going there for at least 30 years!

– Lance L.

Maybe the last ‘hometown’ eatery in downtown Mooresville. Love the thin crust pizza. Great, friendly service.

– Jim L.

All their food is awesome. I need to go soon! I was about to freak out about the name change until I saw that they just added “pizza” to the end, but it’ll always be Pie In The Sky to me.

–  Cheryl B.

Best pizza in town! People who work there have excellent customer service! Love, love, love it!!!!

– Kathrin J.