Pizza Records from Around the World

We are always trying to improve as humans. We try to be stronger, go further, be faster! As a species, we like to push the boundaries and see what happens. When we attempt a push at boundaries with pizza, however, the results are not only interesting, but cheesy and delicious as well! These are just a few of the world records involving pizza.

1.   The Mile-Long Pizza– Remember the first time you ran a mile in gym class, and you felt like the distance was an eternity? Now picture that same mile, but made out of pizza. And actually, this pizza actually surpassed a mile at 6,333 ft. 3.6 in. This literal mile of pizza was donated to the homeless after its creation.

Pizza Records from Around the World

2.   World’s Cheesiest Pizza– How many types of cheese do you think would could give a pizza the name of “World’s Cheesiest”? 30? 50? No, no, the World’s Cheesiest Pizza contains 111 different types of cheeses. Although the number of cheeses used is extraordinary, the pizza itself is only slightly larger than an average pizza. Carefully measured, there were only about 2 oz. of each type of cheese on this pizza.

3.   The World’s Largest Commercially Available Pizza– This record goes to a pizza created in, of course, Texas. This particular state does not mess around with the claim that everything is bigger and better in Texas. At a whopping 8ft. x 2ft.8in., this pizza will barely fit through the average front door! Surprisingly, it can cook in as little as half an hour!

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