Love Pizza? You Might Not with These Unpopular Toppings

Some people like a plain pizza – just cheese or perhaps some pepperoni. Others want most of the garden and meat case thrown at it. For the most part, pizzerias are happy to oblige the most popular choices in their area, which can certainly vary from one place to another. However, sometimes things go a bit crazy, and not only do weird things show up, but they can sometimes really upset some people.


For example, back in 2017, New Zealand’s prime minister found out that putting tinned spaghetti on pizza made him a rather unpopular guy for a while. He even faced calls that he be impeached over it! Most crazy topping ideas that make their way into online posts don’t create nearly as much uproar, but will most likely have you cringing at the thought. Tuna melt pizza, anyone? Or how about squid ink?

Lots of vegetables go splendidly on a pizza, but there are a few that most agree shouldn’t be found anywhere near a pizzeria, such as peas, carrots, broccoli, corn, and avocado. Some meats are questionable too, such as venison, prosciutto, hot dogs, and capicola. Just because you can put something on a pizza crust doesn’t mean you should.

If you love to travel so you can try new experiences, it isn’t a bad idea to see what concoctions can be found as a local favorite. You know, things you’d never find at home, like guinea pig. Shocked? We think of them as pets here, but in Ecuador they are fair game, pardon the pun, as a pizza topping. Even major pizza chains can be vastly different in other countries. For example, if you think all Pizza Hut franchises are the same, head to Japan for a salmon roe cream stuffed crust pizza with shrimp.

Here at Pie In The Sky Pizza, we love thinking about the flexibility of pizza, but you can count on us to keep it real – real fresh, real tasty, real traditional. In 30 years, we’ve never had a request for guinea pig, thankfully! Stop by and see for yourself how what you really only need is fresh ingredients and a passion for making an amazing pizza.