How to Keep Subs Tasty on Road Trips

When you are travelling, the ultimate in packable food is hands-down sub sandwiches! Subs are great because they are customizable, easy to make, filling, and better for you than snacking on candy the whole trip. If you have awhile before lunch time, however, that perfect sub you made this morning might be a soggy mess if you don’t get to it fast enough. Here at Pie In The Sky Pizza, we are experts in the art of subs and sandwiches, and we have a few tips for you to keep your subs tasty for your next road trip.

Subs are great because they are customizable

Perhaps most importantly, use your ingredients wisely. If you love a bit of oil and vinegar on your subs, you’re going to end up with a soggy sandwich later on. Instead, try placing your oil and vinegar in a tiny snack container to add to your sub right before eating. This can be true of all your wetter ingredients like jam, tomatoes, tuna salad, mayo, and pickles. You can also create a barrier between these ingredients and the bread by placing a slice of cheese on the bread. Spreading your condiments on top of the cheese or between meat slices will also protect the bread.

Taking the types of bread you choose into account can also work wonders. If you are going to be traveling for awhile before you eat, you don’t want a soft bread. Choosing a hearty, crusty roll will be a better choice with more staying power. You’ll also want to keep your subs well-refrigerated in a cooler or cooler bag for optimal food-safety and tastiness.