How to Eat Meatball Subs without Making a Mess

Meatball subs are delicious– there’s no way around that fact! While they are delicious and scrumptious, they are also incredibly hard to eat without making a mess. Here at Pie In The Sky Pizza, we want to help you get whatever lunch or dinner you would like, even meatball subs, without fear of ruining your outfit. Here are a few tips that we have gleaned on the best way to eat meatball subs without fear.

choosing to eat your meatball subs in smaller sections

First, think prevention. If you know that you are a messy eater, then there’s nothing wrong with choosing to eat your meatball subs in smaller sections. Go ahead and cut your sandwich into more manageable pieces so that you aren’t in constant fear of something spilling out one end or another. Also, there is no shame in copious amounts of napkins when eating meatball subs that are so famous for their copious amounts of cheese and sauce. Use them and have no shame in doing so!

Second, think about the way that you eat your meatball subs! There are all sorts of “hacks” out there to help you eat different types of foods in the least messy way, and when it comes to things like sandwiches, a popular one is to simply turn it upside down. Often the top of the sandwich is cut a little bit thicker, giving your meatball subs a little more structural integrity when you go in for a bite.

Finally, try moving around your fingers. Rather than attacking a meatball sub like you would any other sandwich with all your fingers on the top and the thumbs on the bottom, try thumbs and pinky fingers on the bottom with the remaining fingers on top.

We want to hear from you! How do you eat meatball subs without spilling all that deliciousness on your clean shirt or pants?