Got Braces? You Can Still Enjoy Chicken Wings!

Getting braces is almost a rite of passage for many people, and not just teenagers, either! More and more adults are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to fixing their smile and choosing to get adult braces for their teeth. As any braces-wearer knows, there are certain things you can’t have while you have braces due to the risk of breaking or displacing a bracket. Things like sticky caramels, certain candies and even healthier foods like apples and carrots need to be avoided or altered in order to eat them. If you have braces, and also want to have chicken wings, you can eat them with a few modifications.

Chicken wings are traditionally eaten with the front teeth

Chicken wings are traditionally eaten with the front teeth, tearing the meat from the bone. With braces, however, you will need to modify your method of consumption to enjoy those tasty little morsels! Instead, try finding the larger and most-tender looking of the chicken wings, and use your knife and fork to remove the meat that you’d like. If you cut the meat up, you can eat the pieces or dip your chicken wings as you choose. Not only does this make chicken wings easier to eat when you have braces, but it keeps your hands and face much cleaner, too!

While you have braces, eating chicken wings might not be the experience that it once was, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the various flavors. Just remember that braces are temporary, but the tastiness and availability of chicken wings? That’s forever. Come try our chicken wings today at Pie In The Sky Pizza.